Congratulations on using Glyph!

You have chosen to use a new type of Discord bot that uses natural language instead of traditional commands. Glyph is a Mass Effect themed bot that has fun features like memes but also some moderation capabilities. Built using DialogFlow and Kotlin, Glyph is constantly learning and new features are being added.

Please join our official server to keep up on the latest updates and to suggest new features or check out the Trello board.

How to Add Glyph

To add Glyph to your server, use this invite link.

How to Use Glyph

  • In a server, start a message with an @mention for Glyph and then type your message.
  • In a Private Message, just type your message.

See Skills for a complete guide on everything Glyph can do and what to say.

How to Configure Glyph

See Configuration.